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As-Built Drawings

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If you decide to work with us, we originate your existing house’s layout in the form of as-built drawings. If you have any plans drawn by you or any original permit documents or old blueprints – they are always helpful. If you don’t have any records, no worries - we will measure your house and develop the as-built drawings.

After we have current floor layouts, roof plans and elevations, based on the scope and your guidelines, we begin transforming your home within the modeling software (Revit). You’ll start receiving files with layouts, elevations, and 3D views to determine the most appealing design solution.

There will be questions for you to help you decide on many aspects of your future space. For example, do you want a shower or a bathtub in your bathroom, how many and how large are the windows, gable or mono-sloped roof, are the beams going to be exposed or upset/flush (hidden) in the ceiling, etc.

This is a very interactive stage and it is up to you how quick or slow the project moves forward, based on how informative and swift you are with your responses. I’ll wait for your feedback and most likely ask more questions until we find the best solution that fits your style, needs, and requirements and, at the same time assures the final design to be functional and code compliant in every aspect to design.